The RF Payload Systems Division (TEC-ET)

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The RF Payload Systems Division is part of Electrical Engineering Department (TEC-E) and of Technical and Quality and Management Directorate (TEC).

Herewith you can find both a short description of the division and a list of useful links.

The RF Payload Systems Division is responsible for space instrumentation and communication systems, subsystems, equipment and technologies which cover the following domains:

  • Communication systems and subsystems design and validation;
  • Systems for TT&C communication, navigation, remote sensing and scientific applications;
  • Satellite payloads (e.g. repeaters for telecommunications or navigation instruments, earth remote sensing instruments for scientific applications);
  • Microwave and millimetre wave equipment and technologies;
  • Complex on-board payloads for communications and remote sensing, and processing core of such systems, including optically based implementations;
  • Systems testing for performance evaluation or validation;
  • Laboratories to test/proof concepts soundness and validation.

    The expertise of the Division is essentially used for:

  • Preparation and implementation of various ESA R&D programmes;
  • Support to ESA projects;
  • Consultancy to Industry from member states;
  • Training and supervision of students, graduates, research fellows.

    The Division consists of four sections and the divisional laboratories.

    They are:

    1) Communication - TT&C systems and techniques
    2) Microwave and milllimetre wave
    3) Payload engineering
    4) Radionavigation systems and techniques
    5) Laboratories
    6) Staff Publications

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